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Radiator Temperature Wheel

Central heating services


We are fully qualified to Level 3 NVQ and Gas Safe registered. If you are looking for a plumber or a heating engineer in Halifax, we are the right people to speak to.


We offer a full central heating design service, as well as diagnose problems with your existing central heating system. There is nothing we haven`t seen before. The common problems occurring in the heating system are airlocks (air trapped in the pipework, especially in gravity fed systems) and blockages caused by a sludge build up.


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You can usually notice that when you touch the bottom of the radiator when your heating is on. If the top is red hot and bottom cold or lukewarm it is a sign of sludge accumulating in the bottom of the radiator. The best remedy for this problem is to have your system powerflushed. If the sludge is removed, the water is able to circulate around the whole radiator rather than just the top part.

To stop the problem occurring in future, we recommend a magnetic system filter installation. This type of filter is fitted on the boiler return pipe. It removes suspended iron oxides and other magnetic particles from the water moving around the central heating system, protecting the boiler and radiators from blockages.

If the radiator is hot at the bottom and cold on top, most likely that there is a build-up of air. This can be easily resolved by bleeding the radiator. All you need is a radiator bleed key and don`t really need a professional to do this.


If your radiator was working fine for years and suddenly stopped working, it possibly means the thermostatic valve stopped working. It is sometimes possible to repair it, but replacing it is a simple job.


If you always had problems with some of the radiators being really hot and other just lukewarm, it probably means your central heating system needs balancing. We can do this for you, it doesn`t take much time and will greatly improve the way your house heats up.

Regardless the cause, feel free to give as a call for no obligation chat on how can we improve your heating system on 07393182105

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